We are a fast growing community of believers where everyone is welcome!

We all have a past, a background, and a story but please do not let those things hold you back from coming through our doors!

Our hope is for you to see that Christ Fellowship is a group of people that have been saved, and changed by a real and loving God.

We pray more than anything that you see Him in us and our church fellowship. We are a family of mixed up messed up people who share the love of Christ.

Our church is here to help answer your tough questions, to give hope in hopeless situations, and to show the love of Christ to you in your times of need and also in your times of victory.

It's not at all about filling our seats its about your relationship with Christ.

We have several events coming up, please see our calendar to stay UP TO DATE!

If you have any questions please visit our Contact Us page.

Please check back often for new content and future sermons. Or, set us as your Home Page!