About Us


Past and Present

We are a nine year old church plant that knows God has amazing things in store for us. We have been through many trials and struggles as a group of believers, and we know they are not finished yet. Satan hates the work Christ wants to do through us, but we have the Commander who has never lost a battle leading us so we will continue on without fear.

We started with a simple carry in dinner and a deep need pressed on the heart of those who attended. The next week our church was established at the Travelodge by Jax airport. After a few years at this location we purchased property in North Jax and began reconstruction. After four years of services there we were told we were under code violations which we were unaware of. After a year of back-and-forth the church felt God leading us to sell this property. After a short struggle with this the property is now on the market for sale.

But, God has been extremely faithful. He has given us a new church facility with an abundance of potential and instant room for growth along with bringing our former Pastor and his family back.

We know that we are not made by our building, and God is not bound by its walls, but we are excited to have a place to call home and be our meeting place.

With a new vision, and new building!!! We are prepared for what God is calling us to do and pray you will stop by and see us soon! God Bless you on your journey with Him!